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China's bag manufacturing industry has become a global leader, offering a wide range of high-quality bags to various industries. In this guide, we'll explore the industry's overview, historical background, and factors contributing to its dominance. Understanding these aspects will help you source quality bags from reliable Chinese manufacturers.

Understanding the Chinese Bag Manufacturing Industry

China's bag manufacturing sector produces a diverse range of products, including tote bags, backpacks, messenger bags, travel bags, and cosmetic bags. With advanced production technologies and skilled labor, the industry excels in scale and efficiency.

Historical Background and Growth: China's bag manufacturing industry experienced significant growth since the late 20th century. Economic reforms in the 1980s led to the establishment of manufacturing hubs, attracting domestic and foreign investments. Today, China is a leading exporter of bags, supplying products worldwide.

Factors Contributing to China's Dominance in Bag Manufacturing:

Several factors have contributed to China's dominance in the global bag manufacturing industry. Let's explore some of the key factors that have propelled China to the forefront:

Cost-Effectiveness: One of the primary reasons for China's success in bag manufacturing is its cost-effectiveness. The country offers competitive production costs, including lower labor expenses compared to many other manufacturing destinations. This cost advantage enables manufacturers to produce bags at affordable prices without compromising on quality.

Skilled Workforce: China boasts a skilled and abundant labor force, adept at various stages of the bag manufacturing process. From skilled artisans and designers to technicians and production workers, the industry benefits from a well-trained workforce capable of handling different aspects of bag production, including cutting, sewing, and finishing.

Supply Chain Efficiency: China has developed a robust and efficient supply chain ecosystem, which further strengthens its position in bag manufacturing. The availability of raw materials, such as textiles, fabrics, and hardware, combined with well-established logistics networks, enables manufacturers to procure materials promptly and deliver finished products on time.

Manufacturing Infrastructure: The country's bag manufacturing industry benefits from a well-developed manufacturing infrastructure. Industrial parks and specialized manufacturing zones provide a conducive environment for production activities, with access to utilities, transportation networks, and supportive facilities.

Technological Advancements: China has made significant advancements in technology adoption within the bag manufacturing sector. From cutting-edge machinery and automation to digital design tools and manufacturing software, Chinese manufacturers embrace technological innovations to improve efficiency, precision, and product quality.

Flexibility and Customization: Chinese bag manufacturers excel in providing flexible and customized solutions to meet diverse customer requirements. They can accommodate specific design requests, material preferences, and branding options, ensuring that the final product aligns with the vision and specifications of the clients.

Researching Potential Locations

Selecting the right location for your manufacturing facility in China is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact your business operations. China boasts a diverse landscape of manufacturing hubs, each with its unique advantages. Let's delve deeper into the key aspects of researching potential locations:

China's Key Bag Manufacturing Regions

China's vast expanse is divided into several major manufacturing regions, each with its own specialties and economic advantages. Understanding these regions is essential for making an informed decision:

Guangdong: The Manufacturing Powerhouse

Guangdong, located in the southern part of China, is often considered the manufacturing epicenter of the country. This province is renowned for its vast industrial capabilities and diverse manufacturing industries, from electronics to textiles. If you require access to a wide range of suppliers and well-established infrastructure, Guangdong is a top choice.

Jiangsu: Technology and Innovation Hub

Jiangsu, situated along the eastern coast, is celebrated for its technological advancements and innovation. It's a preferred location for high-tech industries and companies looking to stay at the forefront of innovation. If your manufacturing processes require cutting-edge technology and a skilled workforce, Jiangsu is a promising region.

Zhejiang: Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Haven

Zhejiang is a province characterized by the presence of numerous small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). If you are a smaller business or want to tap into a network of agile and adaptable manufacturers, Zhejiang might be your ideal destination. The province's emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation makes it a vibrant choice for businesses of all sizes.


CLASSIC PACKING is Not Just in the Packaging Business – We're in the "Wow" Business

Classic Packing is a certified and experienced China Bag Manufacturer since 2007, which specializes in developing & manufacturing all kinds of custom makeup bags, Whole Tote Bags, Wholesale Beach Bags, Wholesale Handbags, Backpack, Crossbody Bags and other bags. More importantly, clients are our working partners. As a best china bag wholesale supplier with sufficient knowledge of doing business with oversea clients, we have many cooperative bag distributors and bag vendors in North America and Europe.

Additionally, as a trusted china bag wholesale supplier, we pride ourselves as upholding the highest level of integrity, which is embodied in our responsible dealings with our customers. Because we are a responsible manufacturer, we also truly care for our staff at all levels so that we have taken good care of their well-beings in terms of their work and living environment as well as their leisure life here.

Work With The Best China Bag Manufacturer & Factory. We Are Tailored For Any Application From Brands

As a top company manufacturing bags, we only produce the best. Our products are superior in every way to our competitors and always make customers satisfied. Our extensive inspection system assures you that all our products will be of the highest quality. We are professional and serious about our work: every small detail is considered and inspected to ensure the quality of your order. For instance, we use the highest quality, non-toxic adhesive that is safe and reliable.

With 15 years' experience in the field of custom-made bags, CLASSIC PACKING is a professional china bag factory, manufacturer and exporter. We have our own designer team to provide customized designs for every customer. We have a well-designed mechanism for custom orders. Our experienced workers are working day and night to keep up with the latest trend, meanwhile we are devoted to developing new styles for our customers.

Any shape, Any colour, Any size.

Our bag factory can tailor to your needs.

We own our entire supply chain and therefore have total creative control of manufacturing. You name it, we make it – we can make any shape, size or colour and love working on your projects.

makeup bag factory

We are The Best Luxury Bag Manufacturer China  Trusted By World's Biggest Brands

Classic Packing's core focus is to help brands of all sizes and levels to get the most out of their packaging investment. We understand how important it is for your brand to maintain the highest image, and we are here to help you do that by providing the best quality Bags at the most affordable prices.

Classic Packing is one of the most professional Chinese bags wholesale supplier with over 15 years experience. Classic Packing emerges as the top-notch bags wholesale supplier & bags factory. We started bags export business since 2007. There is no doubt that our products are trustworthy and reliable. We have been providing excellent services for many world top brands such as: L'oreal, Amway, Philip Morris, Proctor & Gamble, P&G , Unilever, Johnson&Johnson, Estee Lauder, Coty, ... etc.

Here are a few of the reasons why so many of our customers consider us their preferred bag supplier: + High Quality Products + Competitive Prices + Fast Turnaround + Excellent Service


The team at CLASSIC PACKING is what makes us a truly unique company.  As the No.1 Bags Manufacturer in China, CLASSIC PACKING is 3 offices and 300+ employees strong. We're a family and have been together for years, so we have a close bond and work together seamlessly to provide the best customer service possible. Our employees are highly motivated, ambitious, and enthusiastic. We enjoy working together as a team and love to hear our customers' feedback!

We take pride in our many talents and have an employee roster that includes expert engineers, sales experts, product developers, packaging consultants, quality control analysts, marketing gurus, accountants, customer service assistants—the list goes on! Together we create some of the most innovative makeup bag designs around.

In short, we're like the Avengers except with less costumed crime-fighting and more designing bags.

classic packing is the best makeup bag factory

CLASSIC PACKING is a China Bag Factory Pays Attentions To Quality

When you choose to work with us, you're choosing a company that has spent decades honing its craft, and we've been the top bag suppliers in China for a reason. While other bag suppliers in China may have lower prices but only provide lower quality products that won't last long enough to make a difference, we offer superior products at competitive prices in all our wholesale bags products. Our bags are made from high-end materials that will stand up to the daily use of any bag business or individual who wants a long-lasting product.

The secret to our success is simple: we're a business that cares about the quality of each product, no matter how big or small. We test our products for quality before the final delivery to our customers, because we know that's what ensures customer satisfaction and makes us the best wholesalers in China. All of our bags products are available to fulfill the testing (e.g. Prop65, REACH 7, ROHS, etc) according to our client's requirements. For example, we provided our wholesale bags distributors and vendors in North America and Europe with REACH certificate so they could comply with regulations in their local countries.

certifications from classic packing

Our Other Advantages

★ Competitive Price - Large scale production and well-trained workers reduce cost greatly, Classic Packing use the bottom price to make you become the most competitive seller in your region.

★ Best service - Top sales with professional skills make you never feel difficult to communicate with our bag factory, all Classic Packing staff will stand by you, reply to your inquiry and solve your problem, no matter pre-sales or after-sales.

★ Certificates - Most qualified and certified by nyse listed companies.

Where Does CLASSIC PACKING Locates?

Our four bag factories located in the industrial center of Wenzhou, and three sales offices in Wenzhou, Hangzhou and Wuhan in China. With an total area of more than 9000 square meters, 300+ employees  and professional workshops of production lines: printing, material, sewing  processing and QC, it makes us one of the biggest and the most professional bag manufacturers in China.

makeup bag factory locations

Newest Technologies

In ours 15th year, some unique and novel products are set to bring the latest in bag technology to the fore with launch of new dedicated zone. Technology is changing the face of the bags factory. We focus on the key product segments and functions – including packaging, material, environment protection and multi-function. From styling and materials to personal bag design, our bag tech  innovations are making customers more satisfied.

Clean workshop

makeup bag factory

Exquisite sewing

china best cosmetic bag factory

Tidy warehouse

cosmetic bags wholesale supplier warehouse

Modern machinery

cosmetic bag factory modern machinery

Beautiful exhibition hall

cosmetic bag supplier with exhibition room

Classic Packing is A China Cosmetic Bag Supplier

Classic packing is a professional cosmetic bags manufacturer. We produce all different types of cosmetic bags to meet all our customers' needs:  Canvas Makeup BagsMakeup PouchesDrawstring Makeup BagCustom Cosmetic BagsToiletry BagNylon Makeup BagClear Makeup BagsEco-friendly Makeup BagsHolographic Makeup BagsPromotional Cosmetic BagsMen's Cosmetic BagsSmall Cosmetic Bag & Coin PurseVelvet Makeup Bags etc. From now on, we will continue to develop new products and improve our service in order to fit the needs of both your customer and your business's next marketing campaign.


2. We are a suppliers of eco-friendly makeup bag, Eco Friendly Toiletry Bag, Eco Friendly Wash Bag. As a eco-friendly makeup bag, Eco Friendly Toiletry Bag, Eco Friendly Wash Bag manufacturer that cares about the environment very much,we work closely with over 100 brands who are focused just like us on creating natural, eco-friendly and sustainable products with you and our environment in mind. Our aim is to make sustainability simple whilst becoming closer to nature.eco-friendly makeup-bag-list

3.  Classic Packing is a leading private label Clear Cosmetic Bags Wholesale supplier, manufacturer and exporter from China, offering amazing customized wholesale clear cosmetic bags service and product rates at a GLOBAL level. We're offering different types of clear cosmetic bags with a variety of talents, such as clear cosmetic pouch, clear cosmetic organizer bag, clear cosmetic travel bag, clear cosmetic case etc. Our products are sold to more than 20 countries and regions.Clear-Cosmetic-Bags-Wholesale-list

4. Nylon is a type of synthetic polymer that has become an increasingly common material for many industries, including the fashion and beauty industries. In fact, it is estimated that at least 50% of all makeup bags sold in the US are made with nylon. Our category of Nylon Makeup Bag Wholesale includes nylon pouches wholesale, nylon zipper pouch wholesale, nylon toiletry bag wholesale, nylon makeup bag bulk order with custom LOGONylon-Makeup-Bag-Wholesale-list
5. Custom printed Promotional Cosmetic Bags and other promotional products are great for giveaways or for fundraising. Choose from our great range of Festival/Event Promotional Makeup Bag and other event merchandise. Your clients will carry the Promotional Vanity Bags with your custom logo around to make a lasting impression. Our wide variety of Promotional Stylish Cosmetic Bags that come in many styles, sizes and colors and have your logo proudly visible wherever it will be carried.Promotional-Cosmetic-Bags

6. Most of our toiletry bag wholesale products feature Travel Friendly, Large Capacity, Convenient and easy-to-carry, great for overnight staying, a long journey, gym shower and outdoor activities. Our wholesale toiletry bags are available in both small and large sizes and can be customized with embroidery, screen printing, vinyl or Heat Transfer. We have wide selections of wholesale toiletry bag available: wholesale mens toiletry bag, promotional toiletry bags, hanging cosmetic bag wholesale or hanging makeup bag organizer wholesale and more. wholesale-toiletry-bags-classic-packing
7. At Classic Packing, our range of glitter makeup bag wholesale is available in a variety of attractive designs, with something to suit every customer's needs. We can provide the most competitive cost since we are the holographic pouch wholesale, holographic makeup bag wholesale and other wholesale holographic bags distributor, exporter, manufacturer.glitter-makeup-bag-wholesale-classic-packing
8. Classic Packing Company offers a wide range of wholesale custom drawstring makeup bags that you could possibly think of. For all your needs, we have a wide range of wholesale drawstring cosmetic bags that are available at the most reasonable prices. Our collection includes both simple and elaborate designs that will appeal to all kinds of customers. 


We Are A China Tote Bag Supplier

We are a professional Tote Bags, shopper bag supplier & manufacturer specializing in all kinds of Tote Bags such as Canvas Promotional Tote Bag, Eco-friendly Tote Bags, Wholesale Beach Bags, Blank Tote Bags Wholesale and so on. We have been manufacturing products for more than 15 years and our tote bag factories have passed ISO9001 quality control system certification.




We Are A China Coin Purse Supplier & Manufacturer

We are a premier coin purses supplier in China. Most of our stylish coin purse can be custom imprinted with your logo. Wholesale coin purses are a great marketing tool for any grocery store, business, school, church, sports team, club, or organization. Our custom printed coin purse also make great gifts for all occasions where you want to show your 'green' spirit!  From silicone coin purse wholesaleblank coin purse wholesalemini coin purse wholesalecanvas coin purse wholesaleround coin purse keychain bulk there is always a perfect product to fit the needs of both your customer and your business's next marketing campaign.

Wholesale PU Coin Purse

Wholesale Keychain Coin Purses

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