How to Choose a Wholesale Shopping Bag for Your Business

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You know your business the best, therefore in the best position to choose the best wholesale shopping bags that is most suitable for your business. Below are four key questions with solutions that you need to know before making a commitment.


1) Which is the best bag for my products?


Before you consider the different options of a wholesale Kraft paper shopping bags, wholesale canvas grocery bags, reusable non woven shopping bags or premium wholesale canvas tote bags, you need to consider how to package the products your customers buy.


Suitability Tips:


A. Consider the size and weight of your product. Upmarket petite bags suit jewelry stores, while rugged reusable wholesale non woven bags suit hardware stores. If it is too large or too small, it’s not a good sign. Having a couple of sizes will ensure various products fit their complementing bag.


B. Strength and durability also contribute to the type of bag options available. Super strong Kraft paper bags use a high-strength grade of Kraft paper, while reusable supermarket bags use durable non woven fabrics that can support products with considerable weight. Keep in mind bags that tear or handles that break is not professional.


C. Temperatures can also affect the type of bags used, such as the cold, heat or whether your environment is mostly moist or dry. Supermarkets, flower shops and shops selling fresh produce require bulk grocery bags and quite often food grade bags.


2) Why do my carry bags help market my business?


Selecting the right wholesale shopping bags for your business is an important branding and marketing strategy that requires more thought than expected.


Custom made wholesale tote bags in your company colors or logo is a cost-effective option for marketing your business and promoting your brand. Classic Packing is a professional manufacturer offering various wholesale shopping bags for 15 years could help you.


Brand and Marketing Tips:


A. Your Brand


Match your wholesale non woven bags and gift packaging to the color theme of your store.


Create brand awareness by selecting the right bulk canvas grocery bags to promote your company image/logo repeatedly.


Cost shouldn’t be the only factor when selecting bulk cotton shopping bags. Your business should maintain image reputation, which is reflected right down to the type of wholesale shopping bags selected. Wholesale non woven shopping bags are not just gift packaging but are the link between your customer, product, and store.


B. Your Marketing


Non woven reusable “green” shopping bags or bulk eco shopping bags will deliver your promotional message for a long time, as those materials last longer. Reusable gift fair and trade show bulk non  woven bags keep the message going long after the show is over. An important tip about buying reusable bulk non woven grocery bags is if you get the right size, it will be used repeatedly.


If your business faces tough competition, you need to have a unique gift wholesale canvas shopping bags that separates your business from the pack.


Make sure the product margin absorbs the cost of your packaging and presentation. Make a financial plan for the investment and number of bags required so you can figure out if custom-made or off the shelf bulk grocery bags fits your business. Note that custom-made bags typically fit businesses directly and suits individual corporate images. Investing in quality bags will carry your business a long way.


3) Which is the best reusable tote bags bulk for the environment?


Review, whether your company or organization has a standpoint on the environment, effects of products. What is your companies standpoint on this issue? If so, consider where the company stands on supporting the gradual phasing out of plastic bags that harm wildlife. Is there a demand from your customer base for environmental-friendly products?


Environment Planning Tips:


We love sustainable tote bags wholesale because they are made from recycled material and can be recycled again. They are less likely to bet thrown into the landfill. Recyclable and biodegradable eco shopping bags wholesale have been proven to be better for the environment.


Your choice of recycled shopping bags bulk and gift packaging is more than a practical solution for your customers to carry their purchase home. Reusable grocery bags bulk are a marketing investment and we pride ourselves on our expertise.


Custom-made non woven bags wholesale bags are made from materials of your choice, which is made into your own personalized bulk grocery bags solution. Classic Packing can use the material of your choice to make a cotton tote bags wholesale the shape and size to suit the image, style, and weight of your products. Then we can custom print your company logo and colors on any reusable shopping bags bulk you choose.



Check out our premium wholesale shopping bags. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] to get more information.

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